House rules

Entry to the event is FREE OF CHARGE.
The World Urban Games (Hereinafter referred to shortly as WUG) opens its gates at 13 September 2019. 10:00 AM and closes its gates at 16 September 2019. 00:00.
By entering the territory of the event, the “Visitor” accepts this Policy and acknowledges that it is enforced by the World Urban Games Organising Committee, its employees, agents and subcontractors (hereinafter referred to as “Organisers”).
In accordance with points b-c) of Art. 26 (1) of Act Nr. CXXXIII of 2005 on the Rules of Personal and Property Protection and Private Investigation, the guard may call the Visitor entering or leaving the venue of an outdoor event to present his/her package and may further call the person staying at the above territory or leaving such place to present the containment of his/her package.

The Visitor may only

- enter the event area through the designated entry gate;
- approach his/her sector or place of work on the designated route;
- must comply with the rules of course, the provisions of the Organisers, as well as their instructions;
- may only leave the territory – unless another instruction is given or decision is made by the Organisers or the competent authorities (especially the police) – through the entry gate;

At the scene, climbing into closed buildings is prohibited; climbing through fences; or to the top floor or windows in the Nagyvásárcsarnok is PROHIBITED and LETHALLY DANGEROUS.

At the territory of the WUG, Visitors have the opportunity to try out some sport equipment. Each Visitor may use the sport equipment at his/her own risk, subject to the rules of use of each installation, taking into account the advice and recommendations of the Organisers at site. At locations where special security regulations are in place (e.g. extreme sports venues), the Visitor is required to comply with the security provisions stated there. (e.g. wearing a helmet, height restriction).

It is PROHIBITED to bring in alcoholic beverage, glassware, percussion and cutting tools, narcotics, pyrotechnics, umbrella, explosives, toxic or flammable items or equipment, as well as firearms, knives with a blade over 8 cm, butterfly knives or spring knives, gas spray, lead stick, viper, metal chain longer than 50 cm, throwing star, slingshot, or any other asset that is particularly dangerous to public safety under relevant law – currently the Government Decree Nr. 175/2003. (X. 28.) – to the territory of WUG.
These items may be confiscated at the entrance or throughout the territory of the event; and these items – depending on their nature – may be returned to the Visitor at the entrance or handed over to the competent authority (depending on the nature of the item, the Organisers inform the competent authority, e.g. in case of explosives, and hand over the item to the authority). In addition, the Visitor may not lodge any civil law claim towards the Organisers concerning items confiscated at the territory of the event.  Any Visitor resisting confiscation may be removed from the territory of the event. The Visitor may not enter the area of the event with prohibited items.
A maximum of 0,5 liters of mineral water and food not exceeding commercial quantity (1 sandwich) may be brought in to the territory of WUG. At the entrance, the Organisers may confiscate items exceeding the above specified quantities or prohibited items and may call the Visitor for the supervision of such items, as specified above.
It is PROHIBITED to fly a drone in the event area. If the Visitor attempts to fly one in that area, the Organisers will call him/her to stop the activity and may inform the competent authority on such activity. The Visitor shall be solely responsible (materially and personally) for any fine imposed by the competent authority concerning the prohibited activity and shall also be solely responsible for any damages caused by such activity. The Organisers will draw up records on every prohibited, unlawful activity at the scene of the area. If the Visitor commences the activity (flying of the drone) outside of the territory of the event, he/she shall also be solely responsible in line with above for any fine imposed by the competent authority and for any damages caused by such activity.

We do not serve alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 18 and intoxicated persons in catering units in the territory of WUG. It is PROHIBITED to consume narcotics in the territory of WUG and shall lead to the commencement of a criminal procedure (the Organisers shall inform the competent authority in this case). Anyone under a clear suspicion of drug abuse or where facts concerning such abuse are conclusively established, or anyone who commits a crime or an offence may be removed from the territory of the event. Damage to nature is also prohibited in line with the above, for which the Visitor bears sole responsibility and the Organisers shall inform the competent authority after discovery of such crime.
The Visitor shall refrain from any action that may lead to the violation of the life, physical integrity or personality rights of others or to cause any material damage to them. In addition, the Visitor shall not exhibit scandalous, obscene or extremely anti-community behavior that is offensive to others, in particular with regard to political, religious or ethnical assemblies and bringing in banners with accompanying content to the territory of the event is also strictly PROHIBITED.
The Visitor, irrespective of the owner’s person shall refrain from any behavior aimed at damaging the equipment, tools or works of art used to conduct the event, especially including the mobile fences, sound and lighting equipment, the stages and their accessories, the utilities and related equipment. The Visitor shall be fully liable for any damage caused by him/her.

The Visitor acknowledges that audio and video recording of the event may be made by the Organisers and their licensed contractual partners, contributors, and press staff (subject to the terms of a separate contract or permit relevant to them). Accordingly, by entering the event, the Visitor expressively consents to the recording of his/her face, appearance, expressions (image and sound recording) and to the further usage of the recordings by the Organisers and the above referred persons in accordance with the Privacy and Cookie Policy described below. The Visitor further acknowledges that no consent is required for recordings made on public performance and for public recordings and for their further usage. The recordings made above shall be the subject to unrestricted (by area and way of usage), transferable and exclusive use by their creator and the Organiser represented by it. The Organisers and contractual partners with their license are entitled without restriction to make use of, use (especially to popularize the event), to reproduce, to publish, revise, make public, broadcast, to distribute and to copy the recordings by computer or to electronic media, without the obligation to provide consideration to the respective Visitor.
The Visitor further acknowledges that other Visitors and other third parties may make recordings of the event and those present therein, which the Organisers cannot prevent, however in case of such recordings made by other Visitors and third parties, such persons are solely responsible for the lawfulness of such actions and the Visitor concerned may contact them for exercising his/her rights.
As regards making and using the recordings, as well as the Visitors' respective data protection rights and remedies, more information can be found in the relevant Privacy and Cookie Policy of WUG ( Visitors may also send inquiries to the e-mail address or contact the persons at the area taking recordings in the name of the Organisers (e.g. the Visitor may indicate, whether he/she expressively wish to be recorded or not).

The Organisers take no liability for any damage inflicted to persons or material value during the time of the event or its establishment or termination thereof. The Organisers are not responsible for the values left over at the event.

The event will also be held in case of bad weather.
The right to change the program is reserved by the Organisers.

Budapest, 9 September 2019.

Please, watch out for yourselves and for others!
We wish you joyful sporting activity and lots of fun!

The Organisers

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