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From the streets to the Olympics

WUG Budapest, 15. September 2019

The World Urban Games 2019 gave a big opportunity to the breaking, which was one of the most popular sport at this event. The world’s best sixteen b-boys and b-girls competed in one against one battles in front of a huge audience. This event was strategically important considering the 2024 Olympic Games.

Lajos Fodor aka B-boy Lalkó, a member of the Hungarian Organizing Committee of breaking received positive feedback on the tournament. ’We were nine of us and for the first time we worked together in this form in a break dance competition. It was a big challenge for us and we did a great job. There was a huge crowd and a good atmosphere. In addition, for the first time in the history of Hungarian break dance, we also used a live stream, which could further popularize Hungarian and international break dancers. Moreover, Hungarian young people will become more known internationally.’

János Cseh ‘Johnee’ is one of the leader of the breaking team in Szolnok together with Lalkó. They both agree that the World Urban Games helps to destroy the negative stereotypes of breakdancing. ‘People would think about breaking as the activity of those children who do not attend school or are living on the streets. This event proves to the world that the reality is far from that notion. The elite of the world came here to compete this could bring positive changes to Hungarian breaking community. Our main goal is to make breaking a real professional sport where talent and hardworking dancers get paid for their efforts. Moreover, the graduates are not rare among Hungarian breakdancers.’

It would be a great opportunity for breaking if it could get into the program of the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. The motto of the campaign is: From the streets to the Olympics. Breaking already debuted at the Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games as a demonstration sport where Hungary was represented by Török Enikő ‘Csepke’. Her coach, Lalkó recalled this experience with joy: ‘In this sport it is very important to give special attention to the youth breakdancers. Me and Johnee always got Csepke’s back, which she turned into success. She could even show her talent at the World Urban Games. The Olympics could give a push to breaking. In our community people think about this situation differently, but I believe we are on the right path. The Olympics would bring unified rules and it would be a perfect platform for this world. It is true, that many breakdancers would have to strengthen their attitude towards professional sports, but this should not mean the loss of the authentic nature of breaking.'

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